Fusarium Wilt In Okra: Treating Okra Fusarium Wilt Disease In Gardens

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By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Okra fusarium wilt is a likely culprit if you’ve noticed wilting okra plants, especially if the plants perk up when temperatures drop in evening. Your plants may not die, but the disease delays growth and decreases yields when harvest time rolls around. Read on for more information on fusarium wilt disease, and learn what you can do about okra with fusarium wilt. Symptoms of Fusarium Wilt in Okra Okra with fusarium wilt disease causes a noticeable yellowing and wilting, often showing up on older, lower leaves first. However, wilt may occur on a single branch or an upper branch, or it may be limited to one side of the plant. As the fungus spreads, more leaves become yellow, frequently drying up and dropping from the plant. Fusarium wilt disease is most troublesome when temperatures are between 78 and 90 F. (25-33

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