garden blue aster flowers, autumnal floral background

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garden blue aster flowers, autumnal floral background

By Bonnie L. Grant Autumn wouldn’t be the same without the rich tones of aster plants. These fall perennial darlings grow vigorously into small, stout bushes decorated with many daisy-like flowers. Over time, asters can become leggy and flower production will minimize. This is normal but can be corrected by splitting aster plants. Dividing asters will help create a more dense plant with sturdier stems and a full crown of blooms. Read on to learn how to divide aster and what time of year it is appropriate to do so. When to Divide Aster Like many perennials, asters benefit from division. One of the things division does is stimulate new roots that will form new shoots. The new growth fills in areas that were becoming sparse, a common complaint in asters that have not been separated. You will need to be careful about when to divide asters, as doing so

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