ginger plantation

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ginger plantation

By Bonnie L. Grant Ginger is a perennial herb that grows from rhizomes. Separating a ginger periodically will encourage new growth and can garner new plants from divided rhizomes. Ginger plant division should be done when a container is crowded or when garden plants are at least 3 years old. You can use the rhizomes for flavoring and tea, or plant them anew to develop additional plants for your landscape or give away to a deserving family member or friend. The trick is knowing when to divide ginger and how to do it without damaging the parent plant. When to Divide Ginger The culinary ginger we know and love comes from Zinginber officinale but there are ornamental gingers in the genera Hedychium and Curcuma which produce beautiful flowers and attractive foliage as well. Most are natives of tropical to sub-tropical regions and require well-draining soil, sun and warm temperatures. Rhizomes

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