Greek Oregano Info – How To Grow Greek Oregano Plants

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Greek Oregano Info – How To Grow Greek Oregano Plants

By Shelley Pierce Fresh herbs from the garden are an absolute must for anyone serious about cooking. One of my absolute favorites in the herb garden is Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare var. hirtum), also known as European or Turkish oregano. So just what is Greek oregano? Read on to learn more about Greek oregano uses, how to grow Greek oregano and other Greek oregano info. What is Greek Oregano? Compared to other varieties of oregano, there really is nothing remarkable about Greek oregano from an ornamental viewpoint. It simply has hairy dark green leaves with small white flowers. However, whatever aesthetic shortcomings this Mediterranean native may have, it compensates for in culinary value. You may not be aware of this Greek oregano info, but while there are many varieties of oregano, Greek oregano is considered the “true oregano” and is typically the oregano that graces the standard supermarket spice rack.

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