Green and white Hostas in the park.

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Green and white Hostas in the park.

By Mary Ellen Ellis Dividing hosta plants is an easy way to maintain the size and shape of your plants, to propagate new plants for other areas of the garden, and to remove dead portions of the plant and to make it look nicer. Dividing is easy, once you know how to do it correctly. How to Split Hostas Should hostas be divided? Yes, they definitely should be divided for several reasons. One is that division is the only real way to propagate new plants. Hostas from seeds don’t grow true in most cases. Division is also a great way to clean up your hostas, remove dead portions, and keep them the size you want. Here’s how to do it: Start hosta plant division by digging up the entire root clump. Pull it up and shake off loose soil so you can better see the root system. Hostas have a

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