green fence from evergreen plants in sunlinght

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green fence from evergreen plants in sunlinght

American HollyBy Teo Spengler If you don’t have a 40-acre homestead, you aren’t alone. These days, houses are built much closer together than in yesteryear, which means your neighbors aren’t far from your backyard. One good way to get some privacy is to plant privacy trees. If you’re thinking of planting trees for privacy in Zone 9, read on for tips. Screening Zone 9 Trees You can make your residence more private by planting trees to block the view into your yard from curious neighbors or passersby. Generally, you’ll want evergreen trees for this purpose in order to create a year-round privacy screen. You’ll have to select trees that grow in your U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone. If you live in Zone 9, your climate is quite warm and the upper limit of where some evergreen trees can thrive. You’ll find some zone 9 trees for privacy that tower

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