Green lettuce grown in the mulch plastic film. (mulching)

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Green lettuce grown in the mulch plastic film. (mulching)

By Amy Grant If you’re tired of the aphids spreading diseases to your crops, maybe you should be using reflective mulch. What is reflective mulch and is it effective? Keep reading to find out how reflective mulch works and other reflective mulch info. What is Reflective Mulch? Reflective mulches are reflective material such as aluminum or silver polyethylene mulch that reflects light up onto the leaves of plants. They are great for gardeners growing in partially shady conditions. They also come in colors such as silver, yellow, orange and red that has been reported to be effective for management of certain pests and, thus, possible virus transmission. How Does Reflective Mulch Work? As mentioned, reflective mulch increases the amount of light available to plants but it also increases air temperature, and photosynthesis, which means better growth. Reflective mulches utilize the entire light spectrum, thereby boosting the available amount of light

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