guava fruits hanging on the tree

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guava fruits hanging on the tree

By Amy Grant Guava is a small tree indigenous to the American tropics that has become naturalized in most tropical and subtropical climates of the world. It can be found in Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, Florida and a few sheltered areas of California and Texas. Although the trees are frost tender, adult trees may survive short periods of frost but they can be grown in a greenhouse or sunroom in other regions. If you are lucky enough to have a guava, you may be wondering “when will my guava bear fruit?” When Will My Guava Bear Fruit? Guava trees grow up to 26 feet (8 m.) in height. Cultivated trees are pruned back to 6-9 (2-3 m.) tall. If a tree has not been pruned, it usually flowers in fall. If the tree has been pruned, the tree will blossom 10-12 weeks after pruning with white, 1 inch (2.5 cm.)

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