Hibiscus flower pink

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Hibiscus flower pink

By Bonnie L. Grant Hibiscus lends a tropical air to the landscape, transforming a humdrum garden into a place reminiscent of sandy beaches and unending sun. Zone 9 hibiscus grown in ground should be a hardy variety rather than a tropical if you wish to have a perennial. Tropical varieties cannot withstand any freezing temperatures which might occur in zone 9. There are plenty of hardy hibiscus plants for zone 9 from which to choose, bringing tropical elegance to the landscape but with cold resilience. Hibiscus Growing in Zone 9 Few plants can match the beauty of hibiscus plants. In zone 9, you have the option of choosing a tropical variety grown in a pot and overwintered indoors, or a hardy species which can be grown in ground. The hardy varieties can withstand temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 C). Hibiscus that grow in zone 9 are unlikely to experience

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