Holttum’s Staghorn fern leaves in nature garden

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Holttum’s Staghorn fern leaves in nature garden

By Kristi Waterworth Owning a staghorn fern is an exercise in balance. Balancing water and light, nutrients and keeping their roots exposed is like a highly technical dance that can keep you guessing. When your staghorn fern starts dropping leaves, you know something has gone wrong in the equation, but what? Read on for some possible solutions. About Staghorn Fern Leaf Drop Staghorn ferns have evolved to thrive in their natural habitat as epiphytes that live in the nooks and crannies in tropical forests. Instead of rooting in soil, they secure themselves to tree bark where they can take advantage of small dribblings of water and the decay of leaves and other organic matter. Living among the branches is quite the life for them, which makes their transplantation into a home environment a challenging one. If your staghorn fern is losing leaves, there’s a good chance that something is wrong

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