ikebana with camellia flowers on a table

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ikebana with camellia flowers on a table

By Liz Baessler Ikebana is an ancient Japanese art of flower arranging. It has its own distinct style and system that people devote years to mastering. Reading this article won’t get you that far, but it will give you a passing familiarity with and appreciation for the art form. Keep reading to learn more about selecting ikebana plants and how to do ikebana. Ikebana Information What is ikebana? While it’s usually referred to as flower arranging, ikebana is really more about plant arranging. The goal with this practice isn’t to highlight blossoms and colors like it so often is in Western flower arranging. Instead, the focus is more on form and height, with special attention paid to the relationship between heaven, earth, and mankind. Arranging Plants for Ikebana Ikebana arrangements require at least three distinct parts called Shin, Soe, and Hikae. These parts are defined by height. Shin, the longest,

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