Indian Hawthorn evergreen shrub blooming with pink flowers.

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Indian Hawthorn evergreen shrub blooming with pink flowers.

By Teo Spengler Indian hawthorns are low, mounding shrubs with ornamental flowers and berries. They are workhorses in many gardens. If you are thinking about transplanting Indian hawthorn plants, you’ll want to read up about proper technique and timing. For information on how and when to transplant Indian hawthorn and other tips on transplanting Indian hawthorn, read on. Transplanting Indian Hawthorn If you want a low-maintenance evergreen shrub to form graceful mounds in your garden, consider Indian hawthorns (Rhaphiolepis species and hybrids). Their attractive dense foliage and neat mounded growth habit appeals to many gardeners. And they are ideal low-maintenance plants that don’t demand much to keep looking nice. In spring, Indian hawthorn shrubs offer fragrant pink or white flowers to ornament the garden. These are followed by dark purple berries eaten by wild birds. Moving Indian hawthorn successfully is possible but, like all transplants, should be undertaken with care.

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