Indoor Ginger Care: Ginger Houseplant Growing Tips

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Indoor Ginger Care: Ginger Houseplant Growing Tips

By Mary Ellen Ellis Ginger root is such a delightful culinary ingredient, adding spiciness to savory and sweet recipes. It’s also a medicinal remedy for indigestion and upset stomach. If you grow your own, in an indoor container, you’ll never run out again. Can You Grow Ginger Indoors? Ginger as a houseplant is not typical, but it is very much possible. Outdoors, the ginger plant is not terribly hardy. If you live north of zone 9, frost and freezes could compromise any ginger plants in your garden. But, if you want to grow and enjoy your own ginger root, you can grow it indoors in a container with very little effort. How to Grow Ginger Indoors To start ginger houseplant growing, all you need is a root, and you can find those at your local grocery store. The same roots you buy to cook with can be used to start

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