Ipomea pes-caprae

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Ipomea pes-caprae

By Bonnie L. Grant Ipomoea pes-caprae is a sprawling vine found on beaches from Texas across to Florida and up to Georgia. The flowers look similar to morning glory, hence the name beach morning glory, but the foliage is much different. It makes an excellent ground cover, with evergreen leaves and a quick growing nature. What is beach morning glory? We’ll delve into that question together along with some fun beach morning glory info. What is Beach Morning Glory? Beach morning glory is also called railroad vine due to its scrambling nature and ability to cover less used tracks and roadsides. It is adapted to coastal areas where sand is plentiful and soil is well draining. Salt, heat and wind don’t bother this plant and it is common to see it splayed across a dune in coastal regions. The large mats it forms help stabilize sand where it grows just

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