Italian cuisine: special herb agretti (saltwort) for side dish

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Italian cuisine: special herb agretti (saltwort) for side dish

By Amy Grant Fans of Chef Jamie Oliver will be familiar with Salsola soda, also known as agretti. The rest of us are asking “what is agretti” and “what are agretti uses.” The following article contains Salsola soda information and how to grow agretti in your garden. What is Agretti? Popular in Italy and hot in high-end Italian restaurants in the United States, agretti is an 18-inch wide by 25-inch tall (46 x 64 cm.) herb plant. This annual has long, chive-like foliage and when mature, in about 50 days or so, looks like a large chive plant. Salsola Soda Information The flavor of agretti has been described variously as a bit bitter, almost sour, to a more pleasant description of a plant with a pleasant crunch, hint of bitterness and the tang of salt. Also known as roscano, friar’s beard, saltwort, barill or Russian thistlewort, it grows naturally throughout

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