Juniper branch with blue female berry-like seed cones.

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Juniper branch with blue female berry-like seed cones.

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Few plants are so versatile in the landscape as juniper. Because junipers come in so many shapes and sizes, they are used as large ground covers, erosion control, trailing over rock walls, for foundation plantings, as hedges, windbreaks or specimen plants. There are juniper varieties that are hardy in almost every U.S. hardiness zone, but this article will primarily discuss zone 8 juniper care. Care for Zone 8 Juniper Bushes Juniper plants come in many different sizes and shape for landscape use. Generally, juniper varieties fall in to one of four size categories: low growing ground covers, medium growing shrubs, tall columnar shrubs, or large shrub-like trees. Junipers also come in many colors, from light to dark green, blue shades or yellow shades. Regardless of shape or color, all junipers have the same growing requirements. Zone 8 juniper plants, like any other juniper plants, prefer

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