Kitchen garden with melissa in a pot

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Kitchen garden with melissa in a pot

By Mary Ellen Ellis Lemon balm as a houseplant is a fabulous idea because this lovely herb offers a beautiful lemony aroma, a tasty addition to foods and drinks, and a pretty potted plant for a sunny window ledge. Knowing what this herb needs will allow you to grow it indoors, year round. Reasons for Growing Lemon Balm Indoors All gardeners know that it is nice to have any green plant indoors, especially during the winter months. However, growing herbs like lemon balm in containers inside adds much more than just a cheerful splash of living green. Lemon balm looks nice, but it also smells nice. A whiff of lemon in the winter, and at all times of the year, is a great mood booster. You can also pick leaves from your indoor lemon balm to use in savory and sweet dishes, salads, cocktails, and just about anything else that

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