Laurel tree growing in the park

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Laurel tree growing in the park

By Teo Spengler Bay laurel trees are small evergreens with dense, aromatic foliage. The leaves are often used for flavoring in cooking. If your bay tree has outgrown its planting site, you may be wondering how to transplant bay trees. Read on for tips on transplanting bay trees. Moving a Bay Tree Bay trees are relatively small and some gardeners grow them in containers. You may be thinking of moving a bay tree from one container to a garden site or from one garden site to another. In either case, you’ll want to be sure to do it right. When you are transplanting bay trees, you’ll want to get information on how to transplant bay trees. But before you pick up that shovel, you need to figure out when to move a bay tree. Experts suggest that you should wait until summer’s heat has cooled to act. The best time

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