Male Fox taken in the UK, in an urban garden.

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Male Fox taken in the UK, in an urban garden.

By Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez, Plant Scientist & Writer Of all garden pests, mammals are often the ones that can do the greatest damage in the shortest time. One strategy for warding off these animals is to use predator urine as a pest deterrent. Predator urine falls into the category of olfactory repellents, meaning they target the pest animal’s sense of smell. Coyote and fox urine are the most commonly used for smaller mammals and deer, bobcat, wolf, bear, and mountain lion urine are also available. Does Urine Deter Pests? Gardeners report mixed results with predator urine. Fox urine works best for repelling small mammals like rabbits, squirrels and cats. Coyote urine and the urine of larger predators is a better choice for deer and other larger animals, and is also reported to work against woodchuck, raccoon, skunk, and smaller mammals. Predator urine in gardens is not a foolproof solution to

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