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By Teo Spengler Almond trees offer showy, fragrant flowers and, with proper care, a harvest of nuts. But if you are considering planting these trees in your garden, you should be aware of almond tree issues that might come up. Potential problems with almond trees include both almond diseases and pests. To learn more about almond tree problems, read on. We’ll also give you tips for managing issues in almonds. Cultural Almond Tree Issues Some almond tree issues are related to improper cultural care, like irrigation. To keep these trees healthy and productive, they require regular water, but not too much. Insufficient watering causes problems with almond trees not just in the year the drought occurs, but in following seasons as well. Almond tree problems are most serious if the trees have inadequate irrigation in the early months of bud and leaf development. On the other hand, over-watering has its

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