Mastic shrub loaded with many ripe berries

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Mastic shrub loaded with many ripe berries

By Teo Spengler Many gardeners are not familiar with the mastic tree. What is a mastic tree? It’s a small to medium-size evergreen native to the Mediterranean region. Its branches are so limber and flexible that it’s sometimes called “the yoga tree.” If you are thinking of growing a mastic tree, you’ll find plenty of tips here to help you get started. What is a Mastic Tree? Mastic tree information describes the tree as a small evergreen in the Sumac family with a scientific name Pistacia lentiscus. It grows fairly slowly to a maximum of 25 feet tall (7.6 m.). Unfortunately for those with small gardens, this attractive tree has a spread even greater than its height. That means it can take up a lot of space in your backyard. However, it works well as a background screen tree. You won’t be bowled over by the mastic tree flowers. They

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