Meadow of lavender. Nature composition

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Meadow of lavender. Nature composition

By Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez, Plant Scientist & Writer There are many reasons to grow lavender. This garden classic is a source of craft materials, scent, a culinary ingredient, an essential oil, and a medicinal tea, plus it looks great in a garden. While lavender grows well in dry areas of zone 9 that are similar to its native Mediterranean habitat, it can be a challenge to grow this herb in wetter zone 9 climates. In zone 9, lavender may have trouble with excessive summer heat, especially if it is also humid. Many varieties of lavender do well in regions of zone 9 with hot, dry summers and mild winters, like much of Southern California. But even in difficult areas like the American South, there are lavender varieties that do well. Lavender Varieties for Zone 9 One great variety of lavender for zone 9 is “Phenomenal” lavender. This variety does especially

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