mint plant grow at vegetable garden

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mint plant grow at vegetable garden

By Amy Grant Mint has a reputation and, believe me, it’s warranted. Anyone who has ever grown mint will attest to the fact that unless it is contained, it’s likely to overtake the garden. Now that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. How about if you wanted to use mint as a groundcover? Because it is so aggressive, it seems to me that planting mint as groundcover is a match made in heaven. Mint would seem useful to not only fill in empty space but a valuable asset for soil retention. About Groundcover Mint Mint has been around and prized for centuries for its fresh scent and flavor. There are more than 600 mint varieties, some with an upright habit and some low growing mint more suitable as groundcover. Using mint as groundcover really does seem to be a win/win, provided that’s pretty much all you want in the

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