moldy, rotten quince on a black background

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moldy, rotten quince on a black background

By Kristi Waterworth Quince, the once beloved, but then largely forgotten orchid staple, is making a comeback in a big way. And why wouldn’t it? With colorful crepe-like flowers, a relatively small size and a great big pectin punch, quince is the perfect fruit for the orchardist who makes their own jams and jellies. But it’s not all fun and games in the world of jelly; it’s also important to know a little bit about the common diseases of quince trees so you can catch them before your quince becomes seriously sick. Treating a sick quince is much easier if you can do it in an early stage of illness. Read on to learn more about common quince disease problems. Diseases of Quince Trees Quince tree illness is usually not too serious, but most warrant some type of treatment. Pathogens can ruin harvests and weaken plants, so knowing how to

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