Myosotis sylvatica background

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Myosotis sylvatica background

By Kristi Waterworth Forget-me-nots are iconic flowers in the garden and easy enough for even the beginning gardener to see a lot of success in a short time. Unfortunately, they can also be fussy if they’re too far out of their comfort zone and may refuse to flower. Read on to learn how to fix a forget-me-not stand with no flowers. Why Won’t My Forget-Me-Nots Bloom? There’s nothing quite like the show put on by a big, healthy stand of forget-me-nots in the garden, but what happens when those forget-me-nots won’t bloom? Since the plants must reseed to continue their legacy, a lack of blooms is more than just a cosmetic inconvenience – it could spell the end of your stand! When a forget-me-not plant doesn’t bloom, it’s often an easy to fix problem. Let’s take a look at what may be going wrong. No flowers on forget-me-nots is a

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