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By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer While browsing plant catalogs or online nurseries, you may have seen fruit trees that bear several types of fruit, and then cleverly name the fruit salad tree or fruit cocktail tree. Or perhaps you’ve seen articles about the unreal looking creations of artist Sam Van Aken, The Tree of 40 Fruits, which are literally living trees that bear 40 different types of stone fruits. Such trees might seem unbelievable and fake, but they actually are possible to make by using the budding propagation technique. Budding Propagation Technique What is budding propagation? Propagation by budding is a pretty common method of plant propagation, in which a plant bud is grafted onto the stem of a rootstock plant. Creating bizarre fruit trees that bear many types of fruit is not the only reason for propagation by budding. Orchard growers frequently use the budding propagation technique to quickly

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