One white snowdrop with blue sky

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One white snowdrop with blue sky

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener One of the first flowers to bloom in spring, snowdrops (Galanthus spp.) are delicate-looking little plants with drooping, bell-shaped flowers. Traditionally, snowdrops colors have been limited to pure white, but do non-white snowdrops exist? Are there Non-White Snowdrops? In spite of rumors to the contrary, it appears that not much has changed and snowdrops in other colors probably aren’t a “real thing” – at least not yet. As interest grows, snowdrops in other colors are in high demand and plant breeders who figure out how to produce true multi-colored snowdrops stand to make a lot of money. The interest is so great, in fact, that enthusiasts have earned the moniker, “galanthophiles.” Snowdrops in Other Colors Certain snowdrop species display a hint of color. One example is the giant snowdrop (Galanthus elwesii), which displays conspicuous green blotches on the inner part of

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