Orange grove.

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Orange grove.

By Amy Grant I am envious of those of you who live in zone 9. You have the ability to grow all sorts of citrus trees, including a multitude of orange varieties that grow in zone 9, that I as a northern dweller cannot. Folks born and raised in zone 9 are rather inured to the fact that they can easily pluck citrus from trees in their backyard. How about northern transplants to these sun filled regions? For those folks, read on to find out how to grow oranges in zone 9 and other information about zone 9 orange trees. About Orange Trees for Zone 9 Yes, citrus abounds in zone 9 and there are a number of reasons for this. First of all, in this thermal belt, weather is affected by both coastal and interior weather patterns. Dry, hot air is the order of the day but cool, moist

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