Pachysandra terminalis "Green Carpet" closeup in summer garden

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Pachysandra terminalis "Green Carpet" closeup in summer garden

By Teo Spengler Ground cover can be an important element in your backyard and garden. Although ground covers can be non-living materials, plants make a warmer, more attractive carpet of green. Good ground cover plants have a creeping or prostrate growth. What are good ground cover plants in zone 8? If you are looking for ground covers for zone 8, read on for a short list of great suggestions. Zone 8 Ground Cover Info U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 8 is not one of the warmest zones, but it’s not one of the coolest zones either. In zone 8, the average minimum winter temperatures dip into the range of 10 to 20 F. (-12 to -7 C.). Fortunately for homeowners in zone 8, you will find a broad selection of plants for zone 8 ground cover. Keep in mind that good ground covers for this region will reduce

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