park with shrubs and green lawns, landscape design

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park with shrubs and green lawns, landscape design

By Teo Spengler Evergreen shrubs provide critical foundation planting for many gardens. If you live in zone 8 and seek evergreen shrubs for your yard, you are in luck. You’ll find many zone 8 evergreen shrub varieties. Read on for more information about growing evergreen shrubs in zone 8, including a selection of top evergreen shrubs for zone 8. About Zone 8 Evergreen Shrubs Zone 8 evergreen shrubs offer long-term structure and focal points for your backyard, as well as year-round color and texture. Shrubs also provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife. It’s important to make careful selections. Pick evergreen shrub varieties that will grow happily and without too much maintenance in your landscape. You’ll find evergreen shrubs for zone 8 that are small, midsize or large, as well as conifer and broad-leaf evergreens. Growing Evergreen Shrubs in Zone 8 It’s fairly easy to start growing evergreen

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