Parsley Leaf Spot: What Causes Leaf Spot On Parsley Plants

By January 25, 2018Articles
By Amy Grant Unlike hardy sage, rosemary or thyme, cultivated parsley does seem to have its share of disease issues. Arguably, the most common of these are parsley leaf problems, usually involving spots on parsley. What causes leaf spots on parsley? Well, there are actually a number of reasons for parsley with leaf spots, but of these, there are two major parsley leaf spot diseases. Parsley Leaf Spot Problems One reason for parsley with leaf spots may be powdery mildew, a fungal disease fostered by low soil moisture along with high humidity. This disease starts on young leaves as blister-like lesions followed by curling leaves. The infected leaves then become covered with white to gray powdery mildew. Severely infected plants may suffer leaf drop, especially with young leaves. Low soil moisture combined with high humidity levels at the plant surface favor this disease. Spots on parsley leaves may also be

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