Pawpaw Trimming Tips: How To Prune A Pawpaw Tree

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Pawpaw Trimming Tips: How To Prune A Pawpaw Tree

By Teo Spengler The pawpaw tree (Asimina spp.) is native to the eastern part of the country where it grows along the edges of woodlands. It is cultivated both for its edible fruit, the pawpaw, and its brilliant fall color. Pawpaw tree pruning is sometimes helpful or necessary. If you are thinking of planting these fruit trees, you’ll need to learn how to prune a pawpaw. Read on for pawpaw trimming tips. About Pawpaw Tree Pruning Pawpaw trees have grown in North America for centuries, and Indigenous Americans relied on pawpaw fruit for part of their diet. The trees are deciduous, and develop purple flowers in spring before leafing. Fruits appear in summer and ripen in fall. They can grow to 6 inches (15 cm.) long and half that wide. Pawpaw trees can grow with a single trunk or with multiple trunks. They also tend to produce suckers and grow

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