Pink Japanese andromeda, Pieris japonica, Valley Rose

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Pink Japanese andromeda, Pieris japonica, Valley Rose

By Liz Baessler The Pieris genus of plants is made up of seven species of evergreen shrubs and bushes that are commonly called andromedas or fetterbushes. These plants grow well in USDA zones 4 through 8 and produce spectacular dangling panicles of flowers. But how do you go about propagating pieris plants? Keep reading to learn more about how to propagate pieris bushes. Common Pieris Propagation Methods Pieris plants, like Japanese andromeda, can be successfully propagated both by cuttings and by seeds. While both methods will work for any species of pieris, the timing differs slightly from plant to plant. Propagating Pieris Plants from Seeds Some varieties form their seeds in the summer, and other types form them in the fall. This just depends upon when the plant flowers – you’ll be able to tell when the flowers fade and brown seed pods form. Remove the seed pods and save

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