Platycerium on the tree,staghorn fern

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Platycerium on the tree,staghorn fern

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Staghorn ferns (Platycerium sp.) are unique, dramatic plants that are sold in many nurseries as houseplants. They are commonly known as staghorn, moose horn, elk horn or antelope ear ferns because of their large reproductive fronds that look like antlers. Native to tropical forests of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Australia, Madagascar, Africa and South America, there are approximately 18 species of staghorn fern. Generally, only a few varieties are available in nurseries or greenhouses because of their very specific temperature and care requirements. Continue reading to learn about the cold hardiness of a staghorn fern, as well as care tips. Staghorn Ferns and Cold In the wild, staghorn ferns are epiphytes, which grow on tree trunks, branches or rocks in very warm, humid tropical forests. In warm enough climates, like southern Florida, staghorn fern spores, which are carried upon wind, have been known to naturalize, creating

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