Pretty blond woman picking flowers in her garden

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Pretty blond woman picking flowers in her garden

By Liz Baessler Useful in cooking and teas and wonderfully fragrant, verbena is a great garden plant to have around. But how do you get more of it? Keep reading to learn more about common propagation methods for verbena plants. How to Propagate Verbena Verbena can be propagated both by cuttings and by seed. If you want to be sure you get a genetic copy of the parent plant, you should grow from cuttings, as verbena seeds don’t always grow true to type. Propagating Verbena Plants from Seed To collect verbena seeds, allow a few of your plant’s flowers to die off naturally on the stem. The flowers should be replaced by small brown seed pods. Remove the pods by hand and place them in a dark, airy place to dry for about a week. After they’ve dried, gently rub the pods between your fingers to free the small light

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