Purple flowers of the clematis

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Purple flowers of the clematis

By Bonnie L. Grant There are many ways to use vines in the landscape. Whether you need something to cover up an eyesore or simply want to beautify a trellis, zone 9 vines are there to serve. Choosing the right site and ensuring that a plant is hardy in your zone are two key aspects to selection of vines. Vines that climb in zone 9 must be tolerant of extreme heat in summer and little natural moisture. No matter, there are plenty of vigorous, tough vines that will thrive in zone 9 gardens. Climbing Vines in Zone 9 Climbing vines help direct the eye up to encompass many architectural details in the landscape. They also may produce flowers, fruit, attract butterflies or pollinators, feed birds, shade an area or simply cover up a failing fence or other structure. Most of the vines for zone 9 are tough and need little

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