Purple wall and flower pots.

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Purple wall and flower pots.

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer When purchasing plants, you may have been given special instructions to plant in a sheltered position. As a garden center employee, I’ve advised many of my customers to make sure to place specific plants such as Japanese maples, tender perennials and specialty conifers in a sheltered location. So exactly what is a sheltered area and how can you create one in your garden? Continue reading to find out more about gardening in sheltered areas. What is a Sheltered Area? Sheltered locations are areas of the garden or landscape that protect plants from the elements. Every location and hardiness zone has its own challenges from weather and the elements. Garden plants may need to be protected from high winds, intense heat or sunlight, extreme cold, salt spray, heavy rains, or other storm damage. Too much exposure to the elements can cause plants to grow stunted, distorted

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