Quince in full bloom in spring orchard

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Quince in full bloom in spring orchard

By Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez, Plant Scientist & Writer The quince is a fruit tree with a long history of cultivation in Western Asia and in Europe. Quince fruits are eaten cooked, used to make jellies and preserves, or fermented to make alcoholic beverages. A few varieties can be eaten fresh. Quince fruits are yellow and almost pear shaped when ripe. In fact, the quince is closely related to apples and pears: all three are pome fruits and members of the rose family. It is possible to grow them at home similar to growing apples. But what happens when they lose their blooms and fail to fruit? Read on to learn more. Why is My Quince Losing Flowers? A quince tree (Cydonia oblongata) covered with white and pink flowers in springtime is a lovely sight. When these flowers fall off before producing fruit (known as blossom drop), it’s certainly disappointing. Quince

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