quinces with a leaf and jam on wood background

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quinces  with a leaf and jam on wood background

By Bonnie L. Grant Quince is a little known fruit, primarily because it is not often seen in supermarkets or even farmer’s markets. The plant flowers nicely but what to do with quince fruit once they arrive? Centuries ago, the fruit was a common accompaniment to game and used in pastries, pies and jams, but it has fallen out of favor for easier to love pomes, such as apples and pears. Quince is fairly inedible raw but, once cooked, a treasure trove of flavors are released. This ancient, but worthy, fruit deserves to come back out of the shadows. Learn some tips for cooking with quince and enjoy the heady sweet taste and aroma of properly prepared quince. What to Do With Quince? Foods can fall in and out of fad like everything else, but quince is simply a forgotten food. It was once so common it was a part

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