Raw Green Organic Broccolini REady to Cook With

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Raw Green Organic Broccolini REady to Cook With

By Amy Grant If you go into a fairly nice restaurant these days, you may find that your side of broccoli has been replaced by something called broccolini, sometimes referred to as baby broccoli. What is brocollini? It looks sort of like broccoli, but is it? How do you grow baby broccoli? Read on for broccolini information on growing broccolini and baby broccoli care. What is Broccolini? Broccolini is a hybrid of European broccoli and Chinese gai lan. In Italian, the word ‘broccolini’ means baby broccoli, hence it’s other common name. Although it is partially comprised of broccoli, unlike broccoli, broccolini has very small florets and a tender stem (no need to peel!) with large, edible leaves. It has a subtle sweet/peppery flavor. Broccolini Information Broccolini was developed over a span of eight years by the Sakata Seed Company of Yokohama, Japan in Salinas, California in 1993. Originally called ‘aspabroc,’

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