Red Holly Berries on branch

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Red Holly Berries on branch

By Teo Spengler Everyone is familiar with holly, the plant with shiny leaves and red berries that you use to deck the halls at Christmas. But what is a possumhaw holly? It is a kind of deciduous holly native to North America. Keep reading for more possumhaw holly information. We’ll give you some tips about how to grow possumhaw hollies and possumhaw holly care. What is a Possumhaw Holly? Generally, holly (Ilex) species are evergreen, holding onto their shiny green leaves all year. Possumhaw holly (Ilex decidua), however, is a type of holly that loses its leaves every winter. Possumhaw holly can grow to a tree some 20 feet (6 m.) high, but it often is grown as a shorter, clumping shrub. As a shrub or small tree, possumhaws can be useful and ornamental. These small holly trees generally produce a number of thin trunks or stems. They grow in

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