Ripe oranges on branch

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Ripe oranges on branch

By Amy Grant As you’re sitting there at the breakfast table sipping your orange juice, has it ever occurred to you to ask just what citrus trees are? My guess is no but, in fact, there are many different types of citrus, each with their own particular citrus growing requirement and flavor nuances. While you’re drinking your juice, keep reading to find out about different citrus tree varieties and other citrus fruit information. What are Citrus Trees? What is the difference between citrus vs. fruit trees? Citrus trees are fruit trees, but fruit trees are not citrus. That is, the fruit is the seed bearing part of the tree that is usually edible, colorful and fragrant. It is produced from a floral ovary after fertilization. Citrus refers to the shrubs or trees of the family Rutaceae. Citrus Fruit Information Citrus cultivars can be found from northeastern India east through the

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