Ripe raspberries on a plant ready for harvest.

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Ripe raspberries on a plant ready for harvest.

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer Raspberry hardiness can be a little confusing. You can read one site that rates raspberries as hardy only in zones 4-7 or 8, and another site may list them as hardy in zones 5-9. Some sites also mention raspberries as being an invasive species in areas of zone 9. The reason for the discrepancies is simply that some raspberries are more cold hardy than others, while some raspberries are more heat tolerant than others. This article with discuss heat tolerant raspberries for zone 9. Growing Raspberries in Zone 9 In general, raspberries are hardy in zones 3-9. However, different types and cultivars are better suited for different areas. Red and yellow raspberries tend to be more cold tolerant, while black and purple raspberries can die out in areas with extremely cold winters. Red raspberries fall into two categories: Summer bearing or Everbearing bearing. In zone

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