Rotten guava fruits in farm.

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Rotten guava fruits in farm.

By Kristi Waterworth Guavas can be really special plants in the landscape if you select just the right spot. That doesn’t mean they’re not going to develop diseases, but if you learn what to look for, you can spot problems early and deal with them quickly. Read on to learn about common guava diseases. Guava Disease Identification For lucky gardeners that can grow tropical fruits in their home landscapes, there’s little that beats a good guava. Fragrant and tidy, it’s an easy-care plant, most of the time. When you do have sick guava trees, they can become dramatically ill, so guava disease identification with haste is vital. Learning how to treat guava diseases is par for the course if you’re a guava owner, as is being able to detect signs of guava sickness. That’s why we’ve made this short list of common guava diseases you might encounter in your garden!

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