Rotting Creeping Phlox Plants: Managing Black Rot On Creeping Phlox

By January 13, 2018Articles
By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Black rot on creeping phlox is a major problem for greenhouse plants, but this destructive fungal disease can also afflict plants in the garden. Severely infected plants often die because the roots are unable to take up nutrients and water. Early identification and treatment are critical for managing the disease. Read on to learn what to do about creeping phlox with black rot. Symptoms of Black Rot on Creeping Phlox Creeping phlox with black rot may initially look like the plants lack fertilizer. When infections are mild, older leaves are often yellowish-green while younger leaves may take on a reddish tint. As the disease progresses, lower leaves curl downward. The roots of rotting creeping phlox plants display light brown spots and lesions develop on the stems. Eventually, roots shrivel and turn brown or black. Causes of Creeping Phlox Black Rot Black

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