single old oak tree at summer in meadow

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single old oak tree at summer in meadow

By Teo Spengler What are hardwood trees? If you’ve ever bumped your head on a tree, you’ll argue that all trees have hard wood. But hardwood is a term biologists use to group together trees with certain similar characteristics. If you want information about hardwood tree characteristics, as well as a hardwood vs. softwood discussion, read on. What are Hardwood Trees? The term “hardwood tree” is a botanical grouping of trees with similar characteristics. Hardwood tree characteristics apply to many of the tree species in this country. The trees have broad leaves rather than needle-like leaves. They produce a fruit or nut, and often go dormant in the winter. America’s forests contain hundreds of different hardwood tree species. In fact, about 40 percent of American trees are in the hardwood category. A few well-known hardwood species are oak, maple and cherry, but many more trees share hardwood tree characteristics. Other

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