Spring landscape. flowers lily of the valley

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Spring landscape. flowers lily of the valley

By Kristi Waterworth Lily of the valley is known for its sweet fragrance and delicate white nodding flowers. When those two things are accompanied with yellow foliage, it’s time to dig a little deeper to figure out what’s wrong. Keep reading to learn more about yellowing lily of the valley plants. About Yellow Leaves on Lily of the Valley Everyone has their “pet” plant. That one specimen or stand that they’d throw any kind of treatment at or try any crazy thing just to keep it going another day. For a lot of gardeners that plant is lily of the valley. That’s why when lily of the valley has yellow leaves, gardeners start to panic – and rightfully so. Yellow leaves on lily of the valley could mean a lot of different things, some that are easy, some that are not so easy. Because of this, it’s important to explore

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