Texas Sage leucophyllum frutescens

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Texas Sage leucophyllum frutescens

By Bonnie L. Grant Leucophyllum frutescens is native to the Chihuahuan desert, Rio Grande, Trans-Pecos and somewhat into the Edward’s plateau. It prefers arid to semi-arid regions and is suitable for USDA zones 8-11. This plant bears many names, chief among them Texas sage tree; however, the plant is really more of a woody shrub. The shrub flowers profusely and responds well to pruning, all combined with ease of care. Read on to learn how to grow Texas sage and where and how to use it in the landscape. Texas Sage Info Texas sage is a classic in the American Southwest. What is a Texas sage shrub? As a native plant, it provides cover for wild animals and birds and helps stabilize loose desert soils. This adaptable plant is drought tolerant and useful in areas with high heat and cold desert temperatures. It is also a landscape surprise that produces

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