The vernal blooming of an almond tree.

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The vernal blooming of an almond tree.

By Amy Grant Almonds are not only delicious but nutritious, so many folks are trying their hand at growing their own nuts. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy almonds; there are lots of bugs that eat almonds, or the tree’s foliage. When treating pests on almond trees, it’s important to recognize almond tree pest symptoms. The following article contains information on almond tree insects and almond pest treatments. Almond Tree Insects There are quite a few bugs that eat almonds, or rather more commonly the tree’s foliage. Ants, specifically southern fire ants and pavement ants, love almonds as much as you do. Large colonies of these can decimate a nut harvest but are not usually a huge problem. Aphids and scales, tiny sap sucking vampires, feed in colonies and cause yellow leaf spots, deformity in leaves and flowers. The presence of either of these insects leads to a

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