This is a photograph of a male Anna’s hummingbird hovering and visiting flowers.

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By Mary Ellen Ellis The Greek gods supposedly ate ambrosia and drank nectar, and hummingbirds drink nectar, but what exactly is it? If you’ve ever wondered what nectar is, and if you can get some out of your garden, you’re not alone. What is Nectar? Nectar is a sweet liquid produced by plants. It is especially produced by flowers on flowering plants. Nectar is very sweet and this is why butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, and other animals slurp it up. It gives them a good source of energy and calories. Bees collect nectar to turn into honey. Nectar is more than just sweet, though. It is also rich in vitamins, salts, oils, and other nutrients. This sweet, nutritious liquid is produced by glands in a plant called the nectaries. Depending on the plant species, the nectaries may be located on different parts of the flower, including the petals, pistils, and stamen.

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